Make a donation

Below is a guide to how you or your organization can help support Central Ohio Work Camp. Whether donating financially to help pay for these items, or donating the items themselves, these things are at the heart of what makes Work Camp happen.

We provide a sacked lunch for each work camp participant, each day of Work Camp. Because we eat our lunches at our various work sites, the lunches are packed the night before. Each $5 donation will help pay for two lunches . . . with 100+ participants every day - that adds up to over 500 lunches! Gift cards for food (Kroger, GFS) are also really helpful!

One of our major supply costs every year is masking tape. When painting a house, we need masking tape around windows, porches, and other areas of trim. It is not unusual for our tape costs to be our highest supply expense besides paint. Any masking tape you donate will get used.

We need to provide all of our paper products each evening for dinner, so we are always in need of paper plates, napkins, plastic cups and plastic cutlery.

Another major expense for us is the cost of caulk and caulking guns. Many of the houses we work on have old siding and it is common for us to find holes and grooves in the siding that need to be filled. We are committed to really making the house look nice as we paint - we don't want to just "cover anything up." Caulk is valuable to the finished product - but it is also expensive.

Our single largest cost every year is paint. We have purchased as much as 200 gallons of paint for a single year of work camp. This gets expensive! We have been trying to solidify a paint sponsor, but until we do that, we will still be forced to cover a $3,000 to $5,000 paint bill. A 5-gallon bucket of exterior paint usually costs us around $100. A house can use anywhere from 15 to 40 gallons - we even did a house several years ago that took 75 gallons!

We try to keep our costs down as much as possible, but still are forced to pass the $150 per person it costs us to stay at Otterbein University on to the students. Their registration fees pay for their stay in the dorm. We always try to find a way for our students to attend one way or another, and the most important way is through individual donors.

As Work Camp continues to grow, we have had to expand our travel allowances. To get everyone all over the city takes some logistical planning. In order to do that, we need to rent two 15 passenger vans this year. They cost an average of $500 per week. We are hoping for several donors who would be willing to cover the cost of van rentals for us this year.

Our anticipated budget for Central Ohio Work Camp in 2016 is $17,000. About half of that money will be raised from registration fees, but the rest of that will be raised from outside funding. Any amount you choose to give is greatly appreciated.
This year we will paint our 80th house and surpass 700 volunteers surpassing 20,000 hours of community service!

We truly appreciate every donation, and they all add up. What they add up to is - the cost of painting another house. We have a growing list of houses that we could paint. Every year we have to choose a limited number of houses from our list based on money and the number of workers.

Besides all the great memories, the expanding collection of pictures and the invaluable life experiences, we like for everyone to have an extra little 'something' to remember their time at Work Camp. Sponsorship logos are printed on the back.